Two years old's Jazz on FTCC cat show (Date of Birth : 09/21/2008) 


When I was a kitten Birman...

Adorabella Julio's Jazz Dancer 1.jpg Adorabella Julio's Jazz Dancer 4.jpg 



 JazzTia 002.jpg

Franks Blue Girl 002.jpg 

FranksBirmans 004.jpg 

My Father: Champion - Mishula Jumanji (Australia) bluepoint

 ~ fondly known as Julio, Imported from Australia (by David & Jacqui Scadden) Julio is a solid blue boy who has a wonderful nature. Blood type "A".

Sire  Champion Mishula Jumanji.jpg

My mother: Champion - Silverthorne Talia  sealpoint

This girl is a "talker" and comes from the old New Zealand Romford lines on her mothers side and Aust Chanmali lines on her fathers..

Dam  Champion Silverthorne Talia.jpg  

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